Hygiene should be the paramount concern of any respectable beauty service boutique. At NStyle, hygiene is our number one priority as it is part of our brand DNA. We take great pride in the fact that NStyle is one of the very few beauty service outlets in Montreal that follows such strict hygiene standards.
Getting a simple service like a manicure or a pedicure at an unhygienic nail salon could lead to a range of health problems. Fungal infections such as tinea and candida albicans are the most typical health problems resulting from unhygienic nail treatments.
At NStyle, we word hard to ensure the safety of all our clients by sterlizing our implements and continuously disinfecting treatment areas using medical grade solutions.


Offering a good quality service to our customers is an ongoing commitment. Regardless of previous work experience, all of our staff members go through a training program specifically designed by NStyle that covers all aspects of our business. Customer service is at the core of this training program. Thanks to our customers’ satisfaction and regular clientele, NStyle, which started with only one location 12 years ago, is now a leading and trusted name in the industry, with locations spanning two continents serving more than 50,000 customers on a monthly basis.


Our customers get to enjoy a trendy & highly luxurious store environment. From the moment you enter NStyle Nail Lounge, you are captivated by the crystal white open floor and spacious setup that is unique to NStyle. Our interior is carefully designed to make it as comfortable as possible for our customers to spend the time they take out of their daily ti visit us. It is not just about providing beauty services; it is the whole experience that is the main focus of our design. The detailed white high ceiling offers a comfortable and glamorous environment. Last but not least, you can watch the latest TV shows and movies on the widescreen TVs that adorn the store’s main area. If you wish, you can also tune in using wireless headphones.


The NStyle brand DNA and philosophy is simple and straightforward. That is luxurious and indulgent spoiling at affordable prices. Unlike expensive spa treatments, we made sure that our prices are within reasonable ranges and very much in line with those of other respectable outlets in the city. Factoring in all aspects of the service including hygiene, timing and overall quality, we are committed to providing all of our customers with a good value service.

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