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Dermalogica facial Montreal


Nourish your skin and retain a youthful complexion with products trusted and used by Courtney Cox, Britney Spears and David Beckham! Browse our Dermalogica retail range in store that includes the Age Smart® line for anti-aging & Ultracalming™ line for sensitive skin and let them work their magic on your skin in between facial treatments. To learn more about Dermalogica Skincare, please click here.

Face Mapping Skin Analysis (15 mins) - $0
Face Mapping® is a fun, comprehensive and educational conversation about your skin and your skin goals. You will walk away with your very own Skin Fitness Plan, which will provide you the best Dermalogica solution with a lifestyle approach, for your homecare. An effective treatment suggestion is also designed by a Professional Skin Therapist to suit your lifestyle and your skin goals.
The Dermalogica ProSkin 30 (30 mins) - $60.00

Dermalogica’s new ProSkin 30 treatment is a time-tailored experience built around your schedule and primary skin concerns. In this 30 minute time-tailored treatment, the expertise of your Skin Therapist will offer you a unique treatment with a targeted modular approach. This experience will leave you feeling confident in the results and customization of the treatment for you.

The Dermalogica ProSkin 60 (60 mins) - $100.00

Dermalogica’s new ProSkin 60 treatment is a fully personalized experience with a revolutionary approach. This 60 minute tailored treatment is customized for you at every step, based on your Face Mapping® skin analysis performed by your Professional Skin Therapist. Your Skin Therapist will use a unique modular approach to powerfully boost every step of your treatment; such as resurfacing, extractions, touch therapies and deep treatments. You will be confident in knowing that you received a handcrafted treatment just for you.

Dermalogica facial Montreal
Dermalogica facial Montreal

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